Batik Play

One lesson of 3 hours and two of 2 hours each,
Cost $: 125.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

Batik Play could be done with any fabrics, hence we are in Asia and most of the people don’t know how to use batiks I thought it would be a nice introduction to this fabric. People keep telling me this is easy just a hidden 9 patch, but is not. Each block has to be lay out and sewn separately. Choose any fabric japanese, flowers etc, but large prints work better.
Bring your own sewing machine to the second class or rent the machine from us.

Intermediate Patchwork Class

Seven lessons of 2 hours each, once a week
Cost $ 250.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

Expand and improve your skills. In 7 weeks, you will learn intermediate-patchworkhow to draw and hand or machine piece 9, 4, 5 and 7 patch blocks; 8 and 6 pointed stars; hexagons and curved blocks. Learn how to place your blocks straight or on point. Sew your sashes and cut your blocks to the same size. Finally, add the borders. You can hand or machine quilt the top. You can choose any size of quilt – wall hanging, single, queen or king, but the larger you make the quilt the more experienced you will get. All sewing will be done at home.

Double Wedding Ring

Three lessons of 2 hours each, once a week
Cost $110.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

Double Wedding Ring quilts are favourites among quilters. And of course an ideal gift for a wedding. This Double Wedding Ring quilt is much fun to make due to its simple rings. Unlike traditional double wedding ring, this is made of a single ring. Alternatively you can choose different colors for each ring and corner pieces. You only need 16 rings for a king size quilt and 12 rings for a queen quilt.

Lone Star

One lesson of 4 hours and two of 2 hours,
Cost $: 145.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

All time favorite! We have instructions ready for four sizes. You can to make a star from 42” up to 68”. Adding borders you can stretch your lone star up to a queen or king size. For our sample we chose the rainbow colors. Do you remember the color and sequence? Easy Roger Of York Gives Battle In Vain, which gives you Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Or as my son would say ROY gave birth in Vietnam.
No templates, entirely rotary cut and sewn by machine. For best results you will have to bring your machine to the first class, where we will be sewing till we have one diamond. Second lesson we will do a bit of math to calculate the set in triangles as well as the corner squares. We also will look at some variations like applique in the background or pieced 8-pointed stars in the corner.
The Lone Star in the picture above is showing different choices of background. The blue night sky was finally chosen.

Pineapple Quilt

Three lessons of 2 hours each, once a week
Cost $: 85 (Fabric and supplies not included)pinaple quilt1

You liked the Log Cabin Class? You sure will like this class as well. This class is a cousin of the Log Cabin, but just a little harder. Entirely rotary cut. You will need to bring your cutter and ruler to the class.

Photo-transfer Quilt

Two lessons of 2 hours each, once a week
Cost $: 70.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

Learn how to choose your pictures and how to re-size and if desired change the picture to sepia. We teach you how to print and how to make your fabric photos colorfast. We will discuss different designs of the quilts from simple to very intricate once, based on samples.

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