One Craft a Week

One lesson plus Kit $ 27.- to $ 35.- depending on Kit

Join us any day to make any craft. You can spent the whole day making one or two craft items. No stress, just fun. Please call us in advance to make sure there will be someone available to attend to you. You only pay the price of the craft kit plus class fee, inclusive sewing machine and threads.

Owl Hand Applique with Cushion Making

Three 2 hours lesson, once a week for the appliqué,
Cost: $ 108.-  (Kit not included)
One lesson of 2 hours for the machine quilting Cost: $ 36.-
One lesson of 3 hours for the cushion making Cost: $ 54.-Applique Owl Couple Class

This lovely owl couple is a perfect gift for a wedding. Choose a cushion size from 16” up to 20”. You will learn how to appliqué these owls using freezer paper and some needle turn appliqué for the stem. We will show you how to layer the pieces in the correct sequence. Add the machine quilting class and the cushion making class with zipper and you will have a completed cushion cover.

Owl Machine Applique with Cushion Making

One three 3 hours lesson for the machine applique
Cost: $ 54.-  (Kit not included)
One lesson of 2 hours for the machine quilting Cost: $ 36.-
One lesson of 3 hours for the cushion making Cost: $ 54.-

Choose a cushion size from 16” up to 20”. It’s best to have attended the machine appliqué class before joining this class. You will prepare all the pieces and layout the two owls onto your background. We will discuss what stitch to use and in what sequence you need to appliqué your design. Add the machine quilting class and cushion making class with zipper and you will have a completed cushion cover.

Shoe Bag

One lesson of 4 hours each
Cost $ 72.- (Fabric and supplies not included)Fabric Shoe Bag

This shoe bag is fully lined. Iron on interfacing will give this shoe bag more body. Make this unique bag for old and young with their favorite fabrics. You can wash this bag in the washing machine. Use a plain fabric and appliqué a motive of your choice. You can also appliqué the initials of the person you are making the bag for.

For those having an embroidery machine: Make an embroidery and after sew the bag.

Block Holder

Two lessons of 3 hours each
Cost $ 110.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

Carry you patchwork block around without hassle! Tired of keeping ironing your block because you have to fold them every time you carry them around? Here is our solution. The block holder will hold blocks up to 12″ finished size block and you can make it as deep as you desired. A simple patched front or just use any interesting fabric. On one side you store your blocks and on the other side there is a pocket for your notes and instructions.

Prior to this class you can join the foundation piecing for sewing related blocks, which will make your holder very unique.

Quilter’s Tool Keeper

One day Workshop or two lesson of 3 hours each
Cost $ 110.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

Neat and Tidy!
Keep your scissors and tools well organized and handy at any time, on the road or at home.
The Base of 12” by 18” gives you enough room for plenty of tools and once folded 12” by 5” it does not take much place. Keep all your scissors separate not touching each other and damaging the edges of the blades. Prepare yourself before the class and bring all the tools ; scissors, pencils you like to include in the keeper. Each of you will walk away with an individually designed tool keeper.

Young Mum Sewing

Workshop of 2 to 3 hours
Cost $ 35.- to 55.- depending on time

Every Monday young mothers meet and sew and chat! Every one is doing their own project. You can bring your own pattern and we will help you with the sewing. Here just a few of the items we have been doing so far. Baby Taggy blankets, bibs, balls, bloomers, girls dress, boys overall etc. Bring your own sewing machine, this will help you to understand your machine better. Call to check if there is a place.

Key Chain

Workshop of 4 hours
Cost $ 70 (Additional each kit at $ 8.50)

A fun one day workshop!
Suitable also for teenagers, boy and girls alike. No machine sewing, all the work is done by hand. First the pieces are clued on by using fusible web and then sewn on with a blanket stitch. You have a choice of 5 patterns so far we have a pig, cat, owl, frog and a tiger. Soon to follow are, the rabbit (for the rabbit year) and a giraffe. More to come depending on demand, please give us some suggestions.

Needlework Tool Box

One day workshop Cost $ 110.- (All supplies and kit included)

In this fun, one-day-workshop, you will assemble a neat box out of carton and fabric to keep all your sewing tools together. There is no sewing involved. After this box try our 8-sided box. All materials for box, tea and coffee included in the price. Choose two fat quarters from your stock (included in the price) or bring fabric from home and keep the fat quarters for another project.

Sewing Machine Cover

Two lessons of 3 hours each, twice a week
Cost: $110.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

To lazy to cover your machine with the hardcover? Here is your solution. Make your own cover for your machine. With or without table. Prior to the class you will have to measure your machine and write down the figures in the sheet we will provide you with. For best result you will have to bring your sewing machine to classes. What you have learned during this class you can apply to cover your toaster, coffee machine and many more appliances

Cushion cover making, fast and easy

One 3 hours lesson
Cost $ 55.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

Did you learn a technique and made only one block?
Don’t know what to do with all those single blocks in your drawers?
Why not making a cushion cover? Any size any closing. You can choose to make the closing with; Velcro, buttons and for the more advanced with a zipper.
Join this class and turn those orphans into cushion covers. Make a few and have them ready for gifts.
Before you attend the class your top has to be ready, that means finish quilted.

Quilter’s Lunch Companion

One day workshop
Cost $110.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

Not only for quilters, but for anybody who has to eat on the corner of their desks. Make eating away from home a little more cheerful.
This easy to sew table set includes pockets for cutlery and napkin. Easy to fold and carry along, easy to wash. If you are lucky you will even be able to find the matching cutlery or you have the cutlery find the matching fabric!
****Special rates for a group of 4 of any quilting group****

Seasonal Puff-Baskets

One four hours lesson
Cost $ 70 (Fabric and supplies not included)

This basket can be done with seasonal fabrics like Christmas (green & red), Easter (light blues, pinks and yellows), Halloween (black and orange), Hari Raya (yellow & green), Chinese New Year (red & gold), or simply matching your home decor. This basket also makes a nice gift!! For this class, you either buy the kit or bring your own fabrics. Your project will be almost finished by the end of the class!


One 2 hours lesson
Cost $ 35 (Fabric and supplies not included)

Coasters for every room and every occasions. No more ugly water rings on your furniture. Your children also will like them if done with their favorite fabrics. If you make one for your husband, be prepared to be asked to do one for the colleges and staff a like.
Very easy technique and easy to carry along project.
Try a box making class to match your coasters or buy ready made once.

Hexa-Penta Basket

One four hours lesson
Cost $ 70- (Fabric and supplies not included)

Like the seasonal basket this basket can fit into all seasons and match any room. Similar with the coasters above, but more advanced you will love this technique. In no time you will have a whole basket collection. An good way to use up all your batting left over you don’t know what to do with.


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