Bags N Puches

Scrappy Square Bag

Three Lessons of 3 hours, once a week
Cost: $ 160- (Fabric and supplies not included)

This tote bag is everything! Pic-nic bag, sports bag, toy bag…. It has an infinite number of uses. In French we call it fourre-tout which means catch-all. You sure will find your own use for this must have bag. Kits are available in a variety of colors and themes. A very easy to sew bag. No matter if you sew a 1/4” or a little larger or smaller it will always look good and the points will always match. Amazing isn’t it? Once you have done the class you can enlarge or reduce you bag size in different ways. Try also the cousin of this bag the Curved Scrappy Bag.

Drawstring Bag

Two Lessons of 3 hours, once a week
Cost: $ 110.- plus Pattern $ 8.50 (Fabric and supplies not included)

Make a Draw-String Bag in no time. This bag has a round base and can stand on it’s own. Small in size but not to small to keep all your belongings for sewing, playing, cosmetics or for use as a gift bag for someone special.
The bag can be created with 2 fabrics only or alternatively by piecing the outside first as a patchwork. Like hexagons or piece as your go with a foundation. Any piecing or plain fabric will do. Let your imagination run free.
In this class we are going to use a plain fabric but we will discuss the variation you can do. You also will learn how to make those lovely tulips for a special finish.


Two lessons of 2 hours, once a week
or a workshop of 4 hours once
Cost: $ 70- plus Kit $ 45.-

Kit includes: pouch, fabrics, embroidery thread, buttons, ribbon, curved needle, as well as pattern.

We will teach you all the steps to realize this beautiful and practical pouch. This project involves, embroidery, reverse and freezer paper applique.You should be able to master the different technique before joining this class. You will start the reverse appliqué and embroidery of the window. After that we do the appliqué of the back and the sewing onto the pouch. The rest of the front appliqué you probably will have to finish at home.

Diamond Bag

Tree lessons of 3 hours, once a week
Cost: $ 160- (Fabric and supplies not included)

This bag is not difficult, ideal for beginners, no matching points even though we work with diamonds, half diamonds and triangles. We will teach you to cover the points. You have a choice to make your own handles or to choose a handle among our assortment.
This bag is for very beginners as long as you now how to machine sew. Just let us know your colors and we will make a kit with coordinated fabrics and cut the diamonds for you. Else we will give you the cutting instructions before the class.

Fan Bag

Three lessons of 3 hours, once a week
Cost: $ 160.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

You will need 13 fabrics or less if you choose so, but it should be an uneven number. This bag is smaller and you learn how to make different handles and a different lining from the previous bag classes. You can choose to make long or short handles. Choose between a flap or a zipper or no closing at  all. Each bag will be different.

Hexagon Bag

Three lessons of 2 hours, once a week
Cost: $ 110.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

You like hexagons? Then you will like this bag. The front pocket is entirely made of hexagons. Chose among your scraps or purchase new fabrics. Once you have chosen your fabrics for the hexagons we will help you to coordinate the outside and lining of the bag.

Pencil Case

Two lessons of 2 hours, once a week
or a workshop of 4 hours once
Cost: $ 70.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

This pencil case is easy to do. Bring a few scraps to class and we teach you how to make a crazy patchwork for the outside. Add a zipper and some binding and your pencil case is ready.

Hawaiian Bag

One lessons of 3 hours and 2 lesson of 2 hours, once a week
Cost: $ 125.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

Two lessons in one! Learn how to do the Hawaiian appliqué (needle turn) and how to make a simple bag. The sides are machine or hand quilted, just the way you like it. If you haven’t learn how to machine quilt. Please register first for the machine quilting class which is a 3 hours class only.

Slash Bag (Chenille) Beginners

Two lessons of 3 hours, once a week
Cost: $ 110.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

In the first lesson you will learn how to layer the different fabrics and sew the various line taking care not do make any pleats. We also will discuss the different width of slash grooves. Second class you will sew your chenille fabric into a simple bag. Choose the handles among our large supplies of handles, or make your own if you have learned how to in the previous bag classes.

Cosmetic Pouch

 One lesson of 3 hours and one lesson of 2 hours, once a week
Cost:$ 90.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

First lesson you will sew the outside of the pouch, piecing some fabrics together. Get to know how to embroider the pouch by machine which you will do at home. Second lesson you will close the pouch and sew on the zipper. You can later adapt the pattern to a larger or smaller pouch.

Four hours workshop
Cost:$ 70.-
(Fabric and supplies not included)

In the workshop you only use one fabric for the outside instead of piecing the pouch. A little embroidery to embellish the pouch and finally you sew the pouch together and sew on the zipper.

Please call the shop for more information