Hexagon Garden Quilt

Four lessons of 2 hours each, once a week
Cost $145.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

Here’s another rotary cutting project combined with hand applique! Use hand dye, rainbow fabric or any other coordinated fabrics. Every fabric will give you a wonderful wall hanging or bed quilts. You will learn to sew strips together, cut them and sewing them back together, it’s as simple as that. You only need to know how and where to pay special attention to make your centre match. An appliqué border and scalloped edges makes these quilt very unique. A fun class!

Strips N Curves

Two lessons of 3 hours each, twice a week
Cost: $110.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

Play with different shades of colors and learn to sew curves with ease. The piecing-and-cutting-and-then-piecing-again process brings forth gorgeous quilts that are rich in texture, and simply stunning to behold. Again, once you have learnt the technique, you will want to sew more Strips ‘N Curves quilts – and you will want them in different colours!

Border Sampler Class

Three lessons of 2 hours each, once a week
Cost $ 110.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

Tiered of plain fabric borders? Try this border sampler, with strip piecing, easy corners and herring-bone pattern. After the 3 lessons, you will be able to use any of them and more on your unfinished quilts.

The most important you will be able to calculate the size of your borders and patterns to match the four sides of your quilt. (Bring a calculator to the class)

Mariner’s Compass

One day work shop
Cost $ 110.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

Mariner’s compass and its variations. Usually a challenging block but using the foundation piecing method it will be easier. Make one mariner’s compass in class using the foundation piecing. You will be given 4 additional pattern to complete at home.
We will be discussing different designs. Settings, like the traditional medallion or sampler.


Two lessons of 3 hours each, once a week
Cost $ 110.- (Fabric and supplies not included)

This is originally a Japanese design, it looks very “puzzling” but if you work carefully you will be very successful. You can do this wall hanging either with Japanese fabric or any kind of fabric. You need 25 different fabric with a medium to small scale design. Large scale design will not work nicely. First class you will learn how to cut and arrange your fabrics. Second class you will learn how to sew the top together. You will need a designer layout sheet or similar to work with ease. Rotary cutter and ruler are necessary as well as your own sewing machine.

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