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The Team Behind Quilts and Friends

(L to R): Irene, Pamela, Brigitte and Salinah



From 1998 till 2009 , Brigitte was the Managing Director of Quilts ‘N Sew Forth in Singapore, the first patchwork and quilting enterprise in South-east Asia. A keen teacher with a strong spirit of community, Brigitte played a key role in advising and helping Channel News Asia in the Fabric of the Nation project.

Brigitte has a heartfelt passion for sharing her knowledge and love for quilting.

She firmly believes that anyone can sew patchwork, can appliqué and can quilt – be it by hand or machine. If they can imagine it, they can do it. Brigitte not only passes on knowledge, but confidence and encouragement to all.

Favourite quilting lines:

If you can imagine it, you can sew it.


Coming from a family of seamstresses, Salinah used to sew Malay “baju” (clothes) at home on a part-time basis with her mother and sister. She says sewing is “in her blood. As well as being a mother of four, (aged 10 to 26)  Salinah has long been a capable assistant to Brigitte since the beginning of Quilts ‘N Sew Forth days. Salinah takes care of the in-house sewing and machine-quilting designed by Brigitte, and is a marvel to watch when she’s seated at the sewing machine.

Favourite quilting lines:

Sewing and working with fabric is so much fun, work is a joy each day.



Favourite quilting lines:



Favourite quilting lines: